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We believe children are a special gift from God!

daycare blocks

Infant Room

6 weeks-12 months

Our Infant Room provides a warm, home like setting for your little one. Our teachers will follow each child's individualized schedule provided by parents. We encourage development and learning through planned activities and baby sign language.

paint andcrayons

Waddler Room

13 months-23 months

Toddler Room

19 months-2 1/2 years

Toddlers development and learning are supported through planned activities, math and science exploration, language development, and daily bible lessons.

Our toddler room is committed to successful potty training, by working with parents and teaching children about good hygiene.



3 - 5 years

Our Preschool program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten. Preschool age children will engage in language and literacy development, through zoo-phonics. They will also engage in Spanish language immersion activities, as well as, math and science exploration and daily bible lessons. Art and music is also an important part of our Preschool curriculum so that children have the opportunity to express themselves in many creative ways!

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